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The first new product to be developed and introduced underCook's reign is a timepiece tethered to the iPhone that willcombine health and fitness tracking with communications. It willprice at $349 and go on sale in early 2015.

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We dig Andrew McCutchen, an MVP candidate again, and Neil Walker tied Bill Mazeroski's club record for homers with his 19th Sunday. Speaking of homers, pitcher Gerrit Cole hit one Sunday, too, and we love his quote afterward: "Everybody wants to hit a home run in The Show, and for it to happen in Wrigley, that's really cool."

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For months, Hezbollah has struck a balance between drumming up support for its fight in Syria, and keeping its popular base under control. Now, they could be reaching the limits of their sway over their supporters.

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Alibaba accounts for about 80 percent of all online retailsales in China, where rising Internet usage and an expandingmiddle class helped the company generate gross merchandisevolume of $296 billion in the 12 months ended June 30. Revenuein the June quarter increased 46 percent to $2.54 billion from ayear earlier, faster than the 38.7 percent growth in theprevious quarter.

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In the past few years, smaller U.S. newspapers and magazinesalso adopted paywalls as a means to boost sales as advertisingrevenue fell. Analysts estimate that about half of U.S. dailiesnow charge for their websites.

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Russia is particularly dependent on the West for catalysts, refining equipment and gas turbine parts, meaning complicated refinery modernisation works are seen almost impossible to achieve without the access to Western know-how.

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Many praised the "Apple Watch", priced from $349 when it debuts next year, for its clean aesthetic, but some bloggers and editors said the watch had a masculine aura, which would limit its allure to parts of the style-conscious crowd. Others said the design, while pleasing, was less than revolutionary.

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Under the deal, Portugal Telecom has a call option to buy back more shares in Oi over a six-year period, potentially increasing its stake in the merged group if it can recover some of the money from Rioforte, the holding company that defaulted on its debt.

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Other models may have remote window-lowering, but the default setting at delivery is set for off. If so, a trip to the dealer may be necessary to activate it. The feature is known in the business as “Global-Open Windows.” When in doubt, refer to your owner’s manual. You may find your car has this cool feature.

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The draft resolution is under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, which makes it legally binding for the 193 UN member states and gives the Security Council authority to enforce decisions with economic sanctions or force. However, the draft text does not mandate military force to tackle the foreign fighter issue.

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That could all be about to change. The lifeboat has been taking part in a trial of a new technology that supporters say could not only save lives but bring superfast broadband to rural communities that so far have been cut off from the information age.

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- Premier Li Keqiang said that recent anti-trust probes hadnot targeted specific firms or industries, and that foreigncompanies accounted for just 10 percent of those involved. Byincreasing monitoring, China has tried to cultivate a fair andcompetitive business climate, he told a group of businessleaders ahead of the Summer Davos forum.

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