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When a waiter approached Ross and Simpson to find out what the issue was, the shutterbug couple looked confused and said they were just taking pics of their cocktails, which included elaborate smoke and cotton candy swirls.

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Can such an ambitious project really work? The BBC took to the busy streets of Los Angeles and New York City to see if the Somebody app was living up to its promise, and if users were getting the message.

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There is a possibility that the border between Scotland and England could take on a much greater significance in ten days’ time. Scots go to the polls on September 18 to decide whether on not to leave the United Kingdom and become an independent nation.

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Attendees included Jim Brulte, head of the California Republican Party and Darrell Steinberg, the Democratic president pro tem of the state senate. The size of the crowd prompted the state's current governor, Democrat Jerry Brown, to joke about it as he introduced Schwarzenegger.

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But the Public Accounts Committee warns on Wednesday that the 10.6bn programme may be too costly and may result in customers footing the bill for technology that may already be out of date by the time it is installed.

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Tanaka feels ready to pitch in a game now, though he will have to build his pitch count higher before he’s able to return to big-league action. He didn’t seem concerned about how he would wake up on Wednesday, showing little fear that the general arm soreness would return.

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“That is one of the most important things that we would like to accomplish, is to understand what parameters that we’re able to improve upon, and see how that can be translated to what is really the front line,” Mehta said.

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City planners and other local officials are shoring up dams and dikes, planting rain gardens to absorb storm water, and taking other steps to deal with more severe weather that scientists say will result from warming temperatures.

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The chilling incident occurred at around 8:45 a.m. when the boy stabbed a male teacher and a 13-year-old girl with a "long bladed knife" and then fled the grounds before authorities arrived.

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