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Defence forensic psychologist Merryll Vorster told the court on 11 May that Mr Pistorius had suffered from Generalised Anxiety Disorder since childhood - pointing to the amputation of his legs when just 11 months old, the divorce of his parents when he was six and the death of his mother at 15.

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While Jets coach Rex Ryan ducked the topic of a video showing Ray Rice knocking his then-fiancée unconscious, QB Michael Vick took on the subject Monday, sharing his unique perspective given his own sordid past.

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With millions of high school and college students returning to classes this month new apps are designed to help them improve group collaboration, set and track deadlines and to keep lecture notes better organized.

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Wynn’s Everett design “doesn’t capture the energy that this company is capable of,” said Commissioner James McHugh in a story filed by the Boston Herald’s Jack Encarnacao.

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Understand: Rice is the one who shamed himself, and the woman who is now his wife, and his family, and his team, and his sport. But there was more than enough shame to go around here, even if he originally received a slap on the wrist for that left hook.

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Senator Chuck Schumer, the No. 3 Senate Democrat, wascirculating a draft bill to attack "earnings stripping" oftenassociated with inversions. It was said to be applicableretroactively to deals as far back as 1994.

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"If you're not seeing good rigorous eye contact by 3 months; if you're not seeing back-and-forth play, reciprocity, making faces by 6 or 7 months; if you're not having vocalizing by 10 or 11 months; if you're not seeing imitation as early as 6 or 7 months, then I really think [screening] is worth their while," Costa said.

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The Scotsman provides news, events and sport features from the Edinburgh area. For the best up to date information relating to Edinburgh and the surrounding areas visit us at The Scotsman regularly or bookmark this page.

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Investigators from several departments and the FBI started looking for the missing children on Monday. The children's decomposed bodies were later found in individual plastic garbage bags.

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(The following statement was released by the rating agency)HONG KONG, September 10 (Fitch) Fitch Ratings has assignedOceanwide Holdings Co., Ltd.'s (Oceanwide) USD320m 11.75% guaranteed seniorunsecured bonds due 2019 a final rating of 'B' and Recovery Rating of 'RR4'.The issuer of the proposed bonds is Oceanwide Real EstateInternational Holding Company Limited, an offshore entity. The bonds are guaranteed byOceanwide (onshore) and its offshore 100%-owned subsidiary, OceanwideHoldings (Hong Kong) Co., Limited. Oceanwide's onshore parent company, ChinaOceanwide Holdings Group Co., Ltd., which owns 73.67% of Oceanwide, will provide akeepwell deed to ensure sufficient liquidity for timely payment of the bonds. The notes are rated at the same level as Oceanwide's seniorunsecured rating as they represent direct, unconditional, unsecured andunsubordinated obligations of the company. The final rating is the same as the expectedrating assigned on 29 August 2014. KEY RATING DRIVERSSolid Asset Value: One of Oceanwide's projects in Beijing islocated within the 4th Ring Road and is one of only a few projects with over 1.1million square metres of saleable gross floor area (GFA) close to the Chinesecapital's central business district. The rare prime location and relatively lowland premium paid for the site supported overall EBITDA margin of over 35% in thepast three years and Fitch expects the margin to continue to be over 30% over thenext 24 months. The company's solid asset value and higher margins than itspeers' provide it with substantial financial flexibility.Huge Asset Acquisition: Oceanwide is likely to graduallydiversify its business model from pure property development to financial institutionsin the long term. It recently acquired Minsheng Securities, China MinshengInvestment, and Minsheng Trust for over CNY5bn (USD814m). In addition, thecompany plans to acquire 71.36% of Hutchison Harbor Ring Limited (HHR), aproperty developer. The acquisitions do not impact the ratings because the cash paymentschedule for the acquisition of the financial institutions will likely beflexible, given the seller is its parent, China Oceanwide Holdings Group Co., Ltd,which has provided a keepwell deed to maintain the company's liquidity.This will likely allow Oceanwide to preserve its overall liquidity levels.Slow Turnover Raises Leverage: Oceanwide's asset turnover,measured by the ratio of contracted sales to adjusted inventory has been below 0.2xsince 2011 because of construction delays in its projects in Beijing and Wuhan. Asa result, cash inflow is slow, resulting in high leverage, measured by netdebt/adjusted inventory, of 65% at end-2013. While Oceanwide may speed upasset churn in the coming 24 months, Fitch expects leverage to rise over thatperiod, mainly because of the addition of around CNY5bn in acquisition cost offinancial institutions and its substantial annual interest expense, whichFitch estimates at over CNY2bn.Concentration Risk in Wuhan: The projects in Wuhan and Beijinghave over 8 million and 2 million sqm of GFA respectively. Together, theyaccount for over 80% of Oceanwide's total land bank and over 70% of its estimatedcontracted sales in the future. In Wuhan, there is a risk that housingdemand and development in the city may not keep pace with the substantialhousing supply from Oceanwide's projects, which could lower sales efficiencyand hurt its liquidity.RATING SENSITIVITIES Negative: Future developments that may, individually orcollectively, lead to negative rating action include: - Contracted sales sustained below CNY8.0bn a year (2013:CNY5.8bn)- Net debt/adjusted inventory sustained above 75%- EBITDA margin sustained below 35%- Contracted sales/total debt sustained below 0.7x Positive: Positive rating action is not expected in the next12-18 months due to Oceanwide's limited scale and high leverage.

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Wednesday's announcement of plans to raise about 750 millioneuros through a share sale comes just a week after Zalando,Europe's biggest online fashion player that Rocket itself helpedlaunch, also announced its intention to float, meaning the twocompanies will be competing for investors at the same time.

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