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The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) began an enquiry into the big six suppliers earlier this summer, after the regulator, Ofgem, said the market was not working in consumers' best interests.

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The U.S. lead grew to 12 in the second quarter, but the Americans managed only a 3-pointer by Rudy Gay over the final 2 1/2 minutes, and Zoran Dragic’s 3-pointer with 36 seconds remaining cut it to 49-42 at the break.

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Android 4.4 Kitkat still doesn’t have as many apps as iOS 8, but there are now more in the Google Play store than ever. It may not have the depth or exclusivity of Apple’s store, but most apps are now available on both Android and iOS, with Vine, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp being some popular examples.

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The hour-long broadcast on Friday featured performances by The Who, Dave Matthews Band, Ariana Grande and a closing number by Jennifer Hudson, Common and Lupe Fiasco. Jennifer Aniston, Will Ferrell, Zooey Deschanel, Robert Downey Jr. and Halle Berry were among the stars appearing on the broadcast. Viewers were asked to donate what they could.

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Increasing the production rate is a benefit to Boeing and tocarriers since it allows the planemaker to offer airlines thechance to buy planes sooner, rather than putting their orders atthe end of its record order book.

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Of the seven babies in the study, four were part of the Infant Sibling Study. In addition to these four, the other three children were referred by community parents. The treatment group was compared with four other groups of children that included:

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The ceasefire, which took effect on Friday evening, waslargely holding on Monday in eastern Ukraine, but comments fromUkrainian President Petro Poroshenko vowing to defend theeastern port of Mariupol met some skepticism.

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Healthcare reform will be front and center later this week during a Republican-led House of Representatives oversight hearing at which top HHS and Internal Revenue Service officials are slated to testify.

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Options markets are confirming the jitters over dollarstrength. One-month implied volatility, a gauge of expectedswings in currencies, jumped to 2-1/2-month highs on the lira while one-month risk reversals, which show demand foroptions on a currency rising or falling, are also showing biasfor weaker emerging currencies .

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The pound was hammered yesterday and fell again last night, hitting $1.6067 against the dollar. But as you can see from the chart above it has rebounded a little from those overnight lows. The pound has been through a dramatic (in market terms) fall since early June when it was trading above $1.71.

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