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Much of the 40 million of taxpayers' money spent on planning for the now abandoned children's hospital at the Mater site in Dublin may have been wasted, the latest financial statements of the National Paediatric Hospital Development Board have indicated.

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Wheatley claimed 9,600 for foreign travel between January and March 2014 and 1,500 in foreign accommodation and subsistence. This covered a two-night stay in New York, a one-night stay in Paris via the Eurostar and a round trip to Hong Kong and Sydney, staying two nights in Hong Kong and one night in Sydney.

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At present a Common Travel Area with minimal border controls exists between the UK, Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, however it is unclear whether that would change if Scotland became independent.

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Monday's full moon will also be a harvest moon, the term for the full moon closest to the autumn equinox, which falls on Sept. 23. The harvest moon comes at a time in the lunar cycle when moonrise does not occur significantly later night after night - a change welcome in an agrarian era when farmers worked late into the night trying to harvest their crops before frost set in.

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Blair McDougall from the Better Together campaign tells the BBC's Tim Reid there was an "absolute guarantee" that new powers would come to Scotland in the event of a "No" vote. He added that there has been a "real market reaction" to the prospect of the break-up of Britain. Blair Jenkins from the Yes Scotland campaign responded by saying the move by the pro-Union parties to offer more to Scotland was a "panic" measure. He added that it was the "same old stuff" and it was the power elite at Westminster thinking they "know what is right for us".

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Though it has nothing to do with Jonathan Safran Foer's 2005 novel of that name, the first solo work from the singer of Brooklyn's Yeah Yeah Yeahs has a harshness, and an imbalance, guaranteed to make you flinch or cower.

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Silva, who grew up poor on a rubber plantation, has emerged as the anti-establishment candidate in this campaign. Within three weeks of entering the race late following the death of her party's original candidate, she is in striking distance of becoming the first Afro-Brazilian woman to lead Brazil.

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The Labour leader will raise a Saltire over Liverpool's city council building today said that the flas should be flying across cities, towns and villages to send a message to Scotland to "stay with us".

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Sprint, meanwhile, is going through many changes with Claure at the helm. Claure, the 43-year-old founder and CEO of wireless supplier Brightstar, in August took the reins from Dan Hesse, who served as CEO since December 2007. Already, Sprint has restructured and cut the prices for its service plans. Sprint has steadily been losing customers every quarter, and Claure's task is to change that.

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Meanwhile, there’s no significant help coming from the farm system, so if they’re determined to get back on top next season, the Yankees may have no choice but to swallow hard and outbid everyone for Martinez.

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There are other issues. One is that the technology stillneeds to be easier to use. In some cases, a device can't just bedropped anyhow onto a charging pad - it needs to be aligned orit either won't charge, or will charge more slowly.

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"Do you think Anna Wintour, Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham were talking about ALS a few months ago? No, I very much doubt it," says Shannon Murray, an actor, writer and disability rights campaigner.

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