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The Saudi authorities are concerned that IS will inspire Saudi jihadists to challenge the monarchy's legitimacy and seek to overthrow it. King Abdullah has called for "rapid" action and warned that "terrorism knows no border".

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The Kurds would demand from Abadi their rightful share of the budget, a referendum over control of disputed territories and a law, in limbo for seven years, defining the rights of national, regional and local governments over oil resources.

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The Aug. 28 biopsy at Yorkville Endoscopy, an E. 93rd St. clinic that usually only deals with digestive issues, caused Rivers' vocal chords to seize — a condition doctors call a laryngospasm — cutting off her air supply, the source said.

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Gemalto, which has been developing its NFC products for 20 years, stands to benefit from any use of contactless payment, whether by phone or card, as long as its technology is used. It sells to phone carriers who put its products in devices such as iPhones.

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Intel would not say how much it was spending to coax tablet makers into using its chips. But reflecting an ongoing struggle to break into smartphones and tablets, the company's mobile and communications group's second-quarter revenue fell 83 percent to $51 million, and the unit had an operating loss of $1.12 billion.

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"We sensed that he was going to try to steal third there," Kinsler said. "Romine, we just kind of looked at each other, and felt like he was going to try to take third, and I was able to make eye contact with Joe, and put the pick on, and we were able to get there."

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The left-hander is 6-2 with a 2.33 ERA in 10 career starts against the A's, including 5-1 with a 2.15 ERA in seven at home. Jed Lowrie, who homered Monday and has six hits in his last 12 at-bats, is hitless in 12 at-bats against him.

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Touring the region, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared the floods a "national level disaster" and promised almost $200m in aid and compensation. Mr Modi has also written to his Pakistani counterpart, Nawaz Sharif, offering his "deepest sympathies" to flood-hit victims on that side of the border and offering help.

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Her featured interview with Jennifer Lopez seemed to consist largely of Vieira exclaiming how beautiful Lopez is. In fact, if you turn your TV to Ch. 4 right now, it’s probably still echoing there.

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“It leaves us in a pretty big hole; basically we have to win every day,” Joe Girardi said. “That’s the bottom line: We have to win every day. We can’t worry about the other teams if you don’t win and we have to win every day.”

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"I had some singing lessons - I sing with my mouth wide open, she sings with it quite closed. I know I don't have her voice," she adds, pointing out that Cilla had a "honk" as well as much softer vocals.

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Residents were trapped in the elevator at Earlsdown House in Wheelers Cross almost once a fortnight in 2013-14, with Windmill Court in Kilburn in second with 16 call-outs, and Odette Duval House in Stepney Way third with 14 calls.

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Federal Judge Jack Weinstein ruled Monday that since Rasean Tate was not a Rockets’ employee, there is no basis to sue the team for the alleged retaliation that ensued after he complained to his employer, Levy Restaurant Holdings, about the harassment. Tate claims he was barred from working in the locker rooms and his overtime was curtailed.

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Zeid, Jordan's former U.N. ambassador and a Jordanian prince, described Islamic State in his maiden speech to the Council as "takfiris" - hardline Sunni militants who justify killing others by branding them apostates.

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Sparring in a battle for leadership in a market that IHSreckons will be worth $8.5 billion by 2018 - as the technologyis incorporated into devices, furniture, cars, restaurants - thealliances fling accusations at one another.

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