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“So far the TBI has basically shot us down and called us liars,” said Tony Calabrese, one group’s founder. He added: “”I don’t see how anybody helping search could hinder an investigation when they’re providing leads.”

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"There are a lot of bees around the hive," said OmriLachman, CEO of Humavox, an Israeli start-up with its ownwireless charging technology. "Up to now we've not seen a massaggregation of wireless charging in devices. There's a goodreason for that: three standards for the same form oftechnology."

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"After the death of her father, Ana Botin, the present chief executive of Santander UK, is set to be appointed as group chairwoman this afternoon. Santander, in the top 20 global banks by size, is a hugely influential operation across Europe and Latin America. Ms Botin will now become a member of that rather small club - women who have made it to the top table of those who wield significant financial power."

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Bond prices fell. The yield on the 10-year US Treasury rose to 2.47 percent from 2.46 percent on Friday, while the 30-year increased to 3.22 percent from 3.19 percent. Bond prices and yields move inversely.

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A helicopter pilot died because the AgustaWestland AW109E he was flying hit a crane on a building under construction beside the river Thames in London while it was partially obscured by cloud, according to the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch.

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Conwy proper pivots on its like-named castle, which dates from 1283. The English built it to control the Welsh, and any guided trip through comes complete with hideous tales of local leaders being poisoned, gored or imprisoned until they starved to death. The tidy town also boasts a perfect tourist photo op in front of what bills itself as “The Smallest House in Britain.” It’s 6 feet wide, 12 feet high and 10 feet deep - dimensions that night still strike New Yorkers as sprawling.

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Support for the yes campaign has increased in recent weeks and in a poll released on September 7 they took 51% of support, compared to the no campaign's 49%, marking a dramatic shift in support of independence just 10 days before voting begins.

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Courts and Gov. Jay Nixon had refused to halt the execution over concerns raised by Ringo's attorneys, who, among other things, questioned Missouri's use of a pre-execution sedative, midazolam. Attorneys argued that the drug could dull Ringo's senses and leave him unable to express any pain or suffering during the process.

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But gaming industry analysts said delays are likely if the sports leagues continue their opposition in the courts and warned that the state is risking reinstatement of an NCAA ban against New Jersey schools being allowed to host tournament games or championships.

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Philip Le Shirley, product safety adviser at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, said: "Nicotine is a toxic substance and poisonous to children. This is why it is important to treat electric cigarettes and their components in the same way as you would household chemicals, by storing them out of the sight and reach of children.

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After video evidence of the abuse surfaced earlier this year, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell met with both Ray and Janay Rice, a decision that domestic violence experts have criticized as putting a victim of abuse in an untenable position.

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Apple launched Apple Pay, an ambitious attempt to replace your wallet. Apple is hoping that its payment system can change the way you pay for items both at physical stores and online -- with a simple tap.

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The court heard Barrell, of Charles Pell Road, had three previous convictions for taking a vehicle without consent dating back to 2009 for taking mopeds, including an eight-week spell in a young offenders’ detention earlier this year for breaching a sentencing order.

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It has 18,000 staff and 1,200 branches in 11 states across the New England, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions at the end of June and made a net profit of $479 million in the six months to the end of June, on revenue of $2.6 billion.

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