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But the company has seen its share of controversy, in particular over governance and the outsized influence of its founder and senior managers. Ma holds deep sway over executive and board appointments at the company, an influence that is set to strengthen further after it goes public.

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Perhaps one of these attitudes rings true for you. Whether you are currently working or not, there are dozens of reasons you might not want to get out of your house and make the effort to meet new people.

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After reading serious tweets and emails sent from viewers, the Fox News hosts, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, segued into other celebrity-involved incidents of domestic violence. The men condemned both Rice’s now-wife, Janay Palmer, and singer Rihanna for “sending a terrible message” by staying with men who had abused them.

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Heidemann himself had been a replacement for former Lieutenant Governor Rick Sheehy, who resigned in February 2013 after an Omaha World-Herald newspaper investigation raised questions about improper cell phone calls to women.

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"Before granny died, we questioned and raised concerns about the standard of care. After she died, we welcomed the home being taken over - we just hoped they would be more responsible," she said.

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Green, one of the defining voices of Memphis soul, said that his career had been "a funny voyage", while Tomlin, whose screen credits include 9 to 5 and The West Wing, said she was "astounded" to find out that she will be honoured.

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"This is the most exciting thing I’ve done my life,” said Kate, a waitress in a restaurant serving fancy Scottish fare in Edinburgh’s Old Town. She wore a blue “Yes” bracelet on her wrist. Others can be seen wearing blue “Yes” T-shirts but there are plenty of “No” supporters too.

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The organization noted that motorbike-taxis and regular taxis are "a hot source of potential virus transmission" because they are not disinfected in Liberia, where conventional Ebola control measures "are not having an adequate impact".

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What would people say if someone invented a cover that was about half the weight, used 99 percent less energy to make, provided brighter displays, and cost less than a tenth of sapphire? I think they'd say that sapphire was in real trouble. It so happens that we at Corning already invented that cover -- and it's called Gorilla Glass.

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After all, he is the first Open champion to take a title after serving a drug suspension, Cilic testing positive for a stimulant a tribunal ruled he took inadvertently, banning him for a four-month period that ended last October.

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Wheatley claimed 9,600 for foreign travel between January and March 2014 and 1,500 in foreign accommodation and subsistence. This covered a two-night stay in New York, a one-night stay in Paris via the Eurostar and a round trip to Hong Kong and Sydney, staying two nights in Hong Kong and one night in Sydney.

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At present a Common Travel Area with minimal border controls exists between the UK, Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, however it is unclear whether that would change if Scotland became independent.

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