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The company is courting Panasonic Corp, another Japanese company and shareholder, to invest in the factory to supply cheaper batteries and help transform the maker of the US$71,000 (RM227,000) Model S sedan into more of a mass-market manufacturer.

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The submarine community had assumed that high-tech equipment known as “scrubbers” removed secondhand smoke when ships were under water. But research showed that nonsmokers’ urine levels of cotinine more than doubled when they were living on submarines, the authors write in Tobacco Control. Cotinine is a biomarker for tobacco exposure.

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In 2012, 39 percent of young Americans were expected to graduate from college, compared with 60 percent in Iceland, 57 percent in New Zealand and 53 percent in Poland. The U.S. graduation rate was ahead of Canada (35 percent), Germany (31 percent), Switzerland (31 percent), Spain (29 percent), Turkey (27 percent), Italy (26 percent), Chile (23 percent), Hungary (23 percent) and Mexico (22 percent).

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The trip marks the first high-level U.S. meeting with al-Abadi since he become prime minister, and it aimed to symbolize the Obama administration's support for Iraq nearly three years after U.S. troops left the war-torn country. But it also signaled to al-Abadi, a Shiite Muslim, that the U.S. was watching to make sure he gives Iraqi Sunnis more control over their local power structures and security forces, as promised.

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The International Monetary Fund (part of the World Bank) defines money generally as a “store of value,” which means people can save it and use it later—smoothing their purchases over time; other definitions refer to money as a:

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As many as two-thirds of Japan's 48 idled nuclear units maynever return to operation because of the high costs, localopposition or seismic risks, while one-third will probably comeback online eventually, a Reuters analysis showed this year.

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Within Jordan itself, IS enjoys the support of a growing number of people, some of whom staged demonstrations in the southern town of Maan in June, and more than 2,000 Jordanian citizens are believed to have travelled to Syria to fight.

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Firmin said: "As an old stick-in-the-mud, I don't often change my mind and from the very beginning I wished and hoped that Michael Palin would agree to be our narrator. Once, in a blue moon, wishes come true. This is once in a blue moon. I hope Michael enjoys his voyage to our little Blue Planet."

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Sparring in a battle for leadership in a market that IHSreckons will be worth $8.5 billion by 2018 - as the technologyis incorporated into devices, furniture, cars, restaurants - thealliances fling accusations at one another.

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These metrics leave out much important information that should go into a fair assessment of the value provided by a school, including the type of students that are being served. Private sector, higher education institutions disproportionately serve the at-risk student population — students who are more likely to be older, members of minority groups and from lower-income backgrounds than their peers at public and nonprofit, private colleges. It's not surprising that such students also tend to borrow more money and earn less immediately after obtaining their degrees. Yet that shouldn't be an excuse to cut off access to educational opportunities for these students.

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O'Leary said the new planes, which will have two additionaldoors, will seat eight more passengers than the 737-800 modelscurrently in Ryanair's fleet. The planes reduce fuel consumptionby about 18 percent compared with current models, and with theadditional seats the cost would be about 20 percent lower,O'Leary said.

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Swap rates, a gauge of expectations for changes inborrowing costs, declined earlier today as economists surveyedby the central bank cut their median forecast for 2014 grossdomestic product expansion for a 15th straight week, lowering itto 0.48 percent.

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