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Now with his three page-long letter dated September 9, theNew York-based hedge fund manager seems to want to give thisboard one more chance to take action before a special meeting atthe end of the year where he hopes to replace most of them withhis own slate of directors.

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The surprise win over the world number one has lifted sales at sponsor Fast Retailing, owner of the Uniqlo casualwear brand. Even a non-sponsor like racket maker Yonex Co saw its shares reach multi-year highs.

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More than a decade since conflict erupted in Sudan's western region of Darfur, the more than two million people who fled their homes have little prospect of returning to their villages. Photographers for the Catholic aid charity Cafod pictured people at three camps in central Darfur in 2007 and again in 2014 to find out how their lives have changed. "I don't remember the day they took this photo, but I had more hair then," says Hamisa, the only camp resident photographed who was happy to use her real name. "I no longer have my peach toub [traditional dress], it burnt in a fire."

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"Shortsighted executives may be satisfied with an American economy whose firms win in global markets without lifting U.S. living standards. But any leader with a long view understands that business has a profound stake in the prosperity of the average American," according to the report.

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The researchers also used their model to predict extinction risk, a measure that’s important for conservation planning but hard to observe. The artistic record offers an unusual chance to test these predictions on extant species at shorter timescales. Looking back in history, the researchers found that the theoretically more sensitive species did in fact disappear from Egypt sooner.

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The weakness in the pound -- it has shed over 2.5 percent in the past week against the dollar -- saw the cost of hedging against near term uncertainty rise. In fact, Monday's rise in implied volatility, especially near term, puts it on track for its biggest rise since just before the 2010 general election.

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According to a joint court filing, Detroit and the key bond insurer Syncora Guarantee “have reached an agreement in principle” to settle the firm’s USD 400 million claim, settling the largest-ever municipal bankruptcy case in the United States.

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North Waziristan has long been home to a mix of local and al Qaeda-linked foreign militants, including armed groups which carry out cross-border attacks on U.S. and other NATO troops in Afghanistan.

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With less than two weeks to go before the Sept. 18 vote, thepoll put the "Yes" to independence campaign on 51 percentagainst the "no" camp on 49 percent, overturning a 22-point leadfor the unionist campaign in just a month, a YouGov survey forthe Sunday Times newspaper said.

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Even more specifically, the current conversation is all about who Quinn has kissed. But she refuses to comment either way on the allegations made against her, saying: “I don’t feel any woman in video games has to defend her sex life or comment on it.”

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The research team found that soils from boreal regions and the Arctic were impacted the most, while arable or managed lands were the only ones where microbes reduced the effects of a temperature change on the amount of carbon dioxide released.

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CRDA funds have been used on a variety of projects, including the construction of parking garages, boardwalk improvements, the construction of retail stores, and the purchase of dilapidated homes for demolition.

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The survey prompted concern bordering on panic amongBritain's ruling elite, with Prime Minister David Cameron'sConservative-led government promising proposals this week togrant Scotland greater autonomy if it stays.

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After the battle ended, militias committed further violations, carrying out reprisals against civilians who back their rivals, Human Rights Watch said. The Misrata miltias attacked a TV station and journalists seen as sympathetic to their opponents, as well as a camp of displaced residents of a town neighboring Misrata that the miliias accuse of backing Gadhafi.

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