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"The damage is shocking," a senior official from India's National Disaster Response Force said in New Delhi. "People have been stranded on the rooftops of their homes for the last three days in some parts of Kashmir."

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He said: "They say this isn't a ratings battle, it is, that's why they did it. They didn't have to put it on at the same time as us, they did and it means that people then have to make the choice, where before I think it was more of a gentlemen's type agreement. But it just shows, as far as I'm concerned, this is personally speaking, the producers of the show for what they are.

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Goodell had previously taken so much heat for his light two-game suspension of Rice that on Aug. 29 he instituted a new domestic abuse policy. Now a first-time offender gets a six-game suspension and a second offense means a possible lifetime ban.

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If ecosystem unity and the ability to move from one device to the next is the Holy Grail of smartphone functionality, Microsoft is arguably in a better position than Apple or Google. While Apple is leading the way with unity and cohesiveness between devices, it’s limited in its usefulness by the Mac’s relatively small user base —less than 10% of PCs are Macs. And while Google has a desktop offering in Chrome OS, its penetration doesn’t even equal 1/100th of one per cent of the PC market (something Google now hopes to improve by allowing Android apps to run natively on the OS).

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Outside groups have spent $189 million on congressional campaigns since January 2013, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, which monitors political spending. That's more than triple the $57 million spent to this point in the 2010 campaign — which, like this year, featured only congressional races and not a presidential contest.

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“Jax is pretty tormented,” says Hunnam. “He’s a guy who’s had everything stripped away from him. He had this dream of what the club could be, and about living a more righteous life with Tara.”

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Nobel Laureate in economics and former World Bank chief Joseph Stiglitz speaks to the media after his lecture ''The Price of Inequality'' at the Center for The New Economy Annual Conference at a hotel in San Juan, February 21, 2014.

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The World Health Organization, however, said one of its doctors who has been working in an Ebola treatment center in Sierra Leone has tested positive for the disease. It said the doctor was in stable condition Monday in Freetown and will be evacuated. The State Department said the doctor was from the U.S.

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But money is tight and new equipment is needed, not least because of the ravages of war in Iraq and then Afghanistan. Britain is one of the few Nato countries that does spend 2% of its GDP on defence, but respected UK think-tank Rusi has raised questions about whether Britain will be able to continue doing so.

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In the options market, Apple options volume rose to a record daily volume of 2.97 million contracts traded, according to Henry Schwartz, president of options analytics firm Trade Alert. Contract volume was about three times normal and calls led puts by a ratio of 2.1:1, according to Trade Alert data.

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A senior aide to Poroshenko said on Sunday Kiev had agreed in Wales on the provision of weapons and military advisers from five NATO states, but four of the five swiftly denied any such deal had been reached.

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"This acquisition is consistent with our long-term strategyof acquiring promising, early-stage gold projects where we canadd value through focused exploration and mine building", saidSean Boyd, president and chief executive officer of Agnico.

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"That night I had to do two jobs; I had to be the boxer and referee, so I had to do two jobs. But Tony Weeks, he's a future Hall of Fame referee and he does an extraordinary job in the sport of boxing, and so does Kenny Bayless."

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The federal government is also looking for the CRTC to force distributors to offer smaller packages of channels, saying Canadian viewers should not be compelled to pay for channels they don't watch in order to get the channels they do want.

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To be sure, the situations facing Target and Home Depot are not exactly the same. While Target knew it was dealing with data theft, Home Depot has held on to the possibility that no breach has occurred.

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