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As parents, Lynn and Tom’s own open-mindedness had its limits. While the children were growing up, Lynn prohibited them from playing with toy weapons, even squirt guns. ("I gave them plastic fish to squirt at one another," she says.) When Seth informed his parents that he planned to enlist in the Marines, Lynn says, her first thought was: "There was no career choice he could have made that would have made me more unhappy, except if he had chosen a life of crime."

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"It's going to explode in our faces, like the tunnels in Gaza," said Yael Antebi, a Jerusalem councilwoman, referring to the underground passages Hamas militants used during the war to sneak into southern Israel and carry out attacks.

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On his second day on the stand on 8 April, Mr Pistorius' lawyer asked the athlete to demonstrate his height without his prosthetic legs. When he stood next to the toilet door, which was in the courtroom, his head came to a few centimetres above the door handle.

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"This poll reveals a remarkable shift in voting intentions," said Tom Costley, head of TNS Scotland. "It is too close to call and both sides will now be energized to make the most of the last few days of the campaign and try and persuade the undecided voters of the merits of their respective campaigns."The late rally by the "Yes" campaign led by Alex Salmond's Scottish National Party, the ruling party in Scotland, now makes the break—up of the United Kingdom - previously thought to be a pipedream - a distinct possibility after a 300-year-old union.

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Because of its online model, and the fact it has a modest office in south London rather than an expensive one in the City, Mr Hungerford says Nutmeg has significantly lower overheads than its larger, more traditional rivals.

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The Federal Communications Commission next year is planninga so-called incentive auction, the first opportunity forwireless carriers to buy highly coveted low-frequency spectrum,which hinges on TV stations first giving up those airwaves.

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"[The building] has three rows of roof-bearing posts. It is around 300 square metres and slightly trapezoidal, which is interesting because in the same period on the continent, about 100 to 200 years earlier, we also find this type of trapezoidal building related to megaliths [giant stones]," said Prof Wolfgang Neubauer, director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute, which was also involved in the research.

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We'll see a much more traditional Labour message from Ed Miliband. He will argue that the victims of independence, as he will put it, will be the poor, will be the deprived, because he argues it was a UK Labour government that created the welfare state, created the National Health Service and will maintain them.

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The Aug. 28 biopsy at Yorkville Endoscopy, an E. 93rd St. clinic that usually only deals with digestive issues, caused Rivers' vocal chords to seize — a condition doctors call a laryngospasm — cutting off her air supply, the source said.

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Canadian Tire, which sells automotive, household and leisure products, has set up a team in Waterloo to work on tools and apps like one that maps aisles to help shoppers find items when they enter a physical store.

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Involving so many people becomes critical when you consider that Destiny and many other of the latest titles put multiplayer gaming at their core. Fighting alongside or against other players is no longer an add-on, but at the heart of the game.

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Kline, 66, plays Mathias Gold, an embittered, unpublished writer and recovering alcoholic nearing 60 with little to show for his life, in the film that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and opens in U.S. theaters on Wednesday.

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Dr James Pickett, head of research at the Alzheimer's Society, said with 1.5 million people in the UK being prescribed benzodiazepines at any one time, "evidence that their long-term use increases the risk of dementia is significant, and raises questions about their use".

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"Obviously, a breach below $100 raises a host of issues ifyou're an OPEC cartel member, and I think that's one of thethings the trade took cognizance of as the market went downtoday," said Phil Flynn, analyst at Price Futures Group inChicago.

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Ma made the remarks at a luncheon at the Waldorf Astoriahotel in New York in front of hundreds of hedge funds, mutualfunds and other institutional investors, as the company kickedoff a two-week, multi-city marketing blitz for its initialpublic offering.

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I had worked in the entertainment sections of newspapers, magazines and television news networks for years. But meeting the nuns made me feel the need to elevate their stories to the level of celebrity — to make “nuns” a trending topic on Google instead of “Kim Kardashian nude.”

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U.N. diplomats, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the council was likely to reach agreement on a resolution. A U.S. official said there appeared to be consensus among council members on how to tackle foreign extremist fighters.

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Jason Maloni, a crisis communications specialist at public relations firm Levick, said Home Depot had done the right thing by waiting until it knows more before estimating the parameters of the breach or disclosing other details."I think everyone has learned from Target," he said.

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