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"It's on a knife-edge, but I still think the 'No' campaignwill win. There could be a bit of a pullback in the run-up tothe vote due to the uncertainty over the issue," said CharlesHanover Investments partner Dafydd Davies. He too would look tobuy the FTSE 100 on any dips.

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Interviews with militant and intelligence sources reveal that Umar, thought to be in his mid-forties, has a reputation as an Islamist ideologue rather than a fighter, and is known in South and Central Asian Islamist circles as an intellectual and excellent orator.

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It would not, however, completely resolve the heated political debate about the future of the bank, which underwrites loans and insures exports for U.S. companies and lends to foreign companies buying U.S. goods, ranging from Boeing planes to pickles and medical equipment made by small businesses.

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A formula, one can be certain, which will undoubtedly be required if Strachan and his genetically constricted players are to emerge from Dortmund with any kind of decent result to extend the progress of a Scottish squad who have gone six games unbeaten under his stewardship.

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"The worst nightmare is for the mother to get an illness or injury that prevents her from working," Ozcan says. "If she could not work for years or ever again, she needs to have to have income protection to provide for herself and her child."

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"Oi presented an offer for TIM and has said that they couldinclude other operators," CFO Carlos Garcia Moreno said viaemail. "We have decided in principle to explore this option. Wewill be talking with them."

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Ross then walked Chris Iannetta intentionally and Gordon Beckham unintentionally to force in a run. Cowgill cleared the bases with his triple down the right field line before Calhoun finally struck out for the second time in the inning.

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As for the rest of the game, Chris Archer (9-8) allowed three runs and seven hits in 6 1-3 innings for the win. Pitching with old-fashioned stirrups that had horizontal stripes, he improved to 5-0 with a 1.93 ERA in six starts against the Yankees.

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On its website, the Catholic diocese of Parma, Italy, said the deaths of Lucia Pulici and Olga Raschietti appeared to have been "the tragic outcome of an armed robbery by a mentally unbalanced person".

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"When I step back from this terrible scenario that happened and say what more could we have done, I think about the awareness piece," he told the Wall Street Journal. "I think we have a responsibility to ratchet that up. That's not really an engineering thing."

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The Spotlight programme of January 2010, revealed Mrs Robinson's dealings with her teenage lover Kirk McCambley, including obtaining 50,000 from two property developers in order to help Mr McCambley secure a tender for a south Belfast café, the Lock Keeper's Inn.

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They lined the streets in small groups, men and women, young and old alike, waving Shia flags and cheering as our little convoy progressed along the main street into town.

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No matter how hard coach Mike Krzyzewski tries - and he tries extremely hard - almost all of the chatter about his group of NBA players is focused on the seemingly inevitable championship game between the Americans and the host Spaniards on Sept. 14 in Madrid. Never mind that both teams need two more wins in the single-elimination round to even get to that point, or that teams like Brazil that are likewise-loaded with NBA talent are still alive.

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