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Correction bigwigs have long wanted to make the physical test more challenging to weed out flabby recruits. In 2006, the department hired a consultant to review the job requirements, but a subsequent proposal stalled in part due to the convoluted city bureaucracy, according to a top official involved in the process at the time. “We didn’t get very far,” the source said.

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Cars and SUVs sat in water up to their hoods on Interstate 10, while dozens of motorists parked on its wide, banked borders to stay clear of the water. A state Department of Public Safety officer used the roof of his SUV to carry three stranded motorists from a flooded area of I-10.

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Sources who have business relations with the Morgan Stanley private equity firm have told Reuters that it considers Tianhe to be the jewel in its crown and that the investment was agreed after two and a half years of negotiations with the company chairman.

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A BBC Trust spokeswoman added that this was an issue that should be discussed "in the round", including the "potential impact on licence fee income and BBC output", with any decisions made as part of the BBC's charter review process.

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Successive governments have attempted to draw up policies based on the promotion of happiness, in the hope that increased satisfaction levels would protect some from mental health problems.

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The plane had no mechanical or other technical problem in the seconds before it broke up in the sky after being struck by multiple "high-energy objects from outside the aircraft," the report said.

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Defence contractor Babcock lost 2.3 percent andengineering group Weir 1.5 percent. Lloyds BankingGroup and Royal Bank of Scotland fell 2.4percent and 1.3 percent respectively, insurer Standard Life dropped 2.4 percent and energy supplier SSE 2.3percent.

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Peter Neumann, a leading terrorism expert at Kings College London, this week estimated that more than 12,000 foreigners from 74 counties - including about 100 Americans - have gone to Syria to fight with Sunni rebel groups, including the Islamic State. I

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"I can be a woman who enjoys wearing lingerie but can't enjoy not being catcalled when wearing more than lingerie," she said. "Women can encompass all of this. Women can be sexual beings without being complete objects."

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In aerial shots of Srinagar, the main city in the Indian-controlled Kashmir, it looked like a giant, muddy lake with only the tops of inundated houses visible. Scared survivors clung to tree tops and waited for rescue helicopters to save them.

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"Sanctions ... have already had an impact on production ofhard-to-recover reserves. As a rule, our oilmen use foreigntechnologies and try to adapt them to our conditions," Donskoywas quoted as saying on Wednesday. (Reporting by Vladimir Soldatkin; Editing by Polina Devitt)

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More than $109 million has been pledged so far in connection with Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) fundraising telecasts in the U.S. and Canada on Sept. 5. The funds will be directed to collaborative research in both countries.

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Dating app Tinder and its parent company, IAC, have settled a sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit by Whitney Wolfe, a co-founder and former executive with the company. "Whitney's lawsuit against Tinder has been resolved without admission of wrongdoing," John Mullan, a partner at Rudy Exelrod Zieff & Lowe LLP, the firm representing Wolfe, told NBC News.

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Secession is a sensitive subject for several other countriesthat have regions seeking to form their own states. Spain iswary that a vote for Scottish independence might encourageseparatists in its Catalonia region.

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Despite criticism from MSF, Mr Kanu insists that the measure "will minimise the spread of the virus", and he is urging people to stock up on food, telling them: "We did it during the war."

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In revisiting Hasanlu, Danti has taken a closer look at the three warriors. He said it seems likely they were climbing up a wooden staircase inside of a home when the building collapsed. The men fell through what was probably a waste-disposal chute and were buried by debris. Besides the gold bowl, there are other treasures scattered around their bodies, including textiles, fancy armored belts, metal vessels and delicately carved cylinder seals.

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No-one knows why these people went to such extraordinary lengths to create art-works often some way into the cave systems. (If palaeolithic families lived in caves at all, they settled in the cave entrances, so the art wasn’t interior dr.) Thus, as before, specialists summon up spiritual designs and quasi-religious purposes - though, as far as I can tell, with few fixed or accepted conclusions. At any event, I sincerely hope they’re wrong, and that stone age man - whose range of leisure activities must have been negligible - simply enjoyed drawing on walls, just as Sunday artists enjoy daubing by the Seine.

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