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“The Egyptian and Palestinian leaderships have unified their stance on the establishment of a Palestinian state on the lands occupied in 1967 and Jerusalem as its capital; President Mahmoud Abbas has updated President Sisi on the future vision to reach this goal,” said Tayeb Abdel Rehim, of the Palestinian presidential office.

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Last week, Dollar Tree said it amended its merger agreement with Family Dollar to include a commitment to divest as many stores as necessary to clear antitrust hurdles. It had previously agreed to divest 500 stores.

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The upcoming Nov. 1 expiration of the bank's authority has caused divisions between main street Republicans eager to help American businesses and conservatives who consider it government interference in the marketplace.

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The Cowboys owner first came under fire after sexually charged photos featuring Jones and two women appeared online last month. One shows Jones clutching a woman's breasts and another shows a different woman putting her face in Jones' crotch.

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While many boast we have the world’s best health care, the truth is we are overmedicated, overweight and die younger. In life expectancy, we rank 26th out of 34 OECD countries. Our infant mortality is 50th in the world, nine places below Cuba. For that we pay far more than anyone else.

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"Liberia is facing a serious threat to its nationalexistence. The deadly Ebola virus has caused a disruption of thenormal functioning of our State," said Liberian Minister ofNational Defense Brownie Samukai.

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It is no wonder that the terrorist group ISIS is now calling itself the “Islamic State.” The group has fashioned a small army out of a mix of foreign and local fighters, established oil refining and trafficking operations, and even collects taxes.

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Shares of the company closed just a tad higher after having risen almost 5 percent before executives trotted out the watch. The stock tends to rise in the run-up to a major product launch, and come under selling pressure afterward as investors cash out.

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However, the pro-union "Better Together" campaign said that Mr Carney's comments "blew a hole in Alex Salmond's assertions that a separate Scotland could sign up to a currency union with the rest of the UK and still keep control over tax, spending and borrowing."

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Tasdelen and Oran later lodged a criminal complaint against Erdogan, Davutoglu and Omer Onhon, the undersecretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, alleging criminal negligence prior to the IS raid on the Mosul consulate.

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SYDNEY - London nickel slipped from near two-month highs onTuesday as the dollar rose, sparking profit-taking acrossmetals, but gains were underpinned by prospects of an ore exportban from the Philippines.

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Chinese Dairy Beingmate was among the biggestgainers, jumping by its 10 percent daily limit after traderesumed for the first time following a tie-up with New Zealanddairy Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd announced inlate August.

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