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The summit occurred on the same day that Christie's actingattorney general issued a directive that allows casinos andracetracks to take bets on sporting events without fear ofcriminal or civil penalty.

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Private equity firm KKR & Co LP almost fully ownsPRA Health Sciences, which provides outsourced clinical trialservices and research for pharmaceutical companies to help themwin regulatory approvals for drugs in more than 80 countries.

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Looks aside, the other reason given for the Samsung HW-H7500 and HW-H7501 (different colour variations) soundbars to be curved is that the audio allegedly also targets a centrally sitting listener, in much the same wayas the TVs' curved edges ensure that constant picture contrast is maintained through the viewing angle.

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** After months of staying largely silent on a deal he istrying to broker, billionaire William Ackman on Tuesdaycriticized Allergan Inc's board of directors, urgingthem to "wake up" and at least listen to what potentialpurchaser Valeant Pharmaceuticals has to offer theBotox maker. (Compiled by Manya Venkatesh in Bangalore)

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The Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) said Kyushu ElectricPower Co's Sendai plant in southwestern Japan had metsafety requirements needed to restart, as the country nears theend of its first full year without nuclear power since 1966.

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Merkel told the deputies Russia had already deceived theWest repeatedly with broken promises and she pointed out thatRussian troops are still in Ukraine, they said. The EU had toact decisively now, Merkel was quoted as saying.

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The AOA report also found that the carbon footprint of Britain’s airports reduced by three per cent between 2010 and 2012, despite passenger numbers rising by five per cent and air traffic by two per cent over the same period.

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He faces a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission civil action seeking to bar him from the financial services industry for failing to supervise Martoma and Michael Steinberg, an SAC portfolio manager convicted of insider trading in a separate trial in December.

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The Bloodhound team is doing an amazing job, and at this point I have to mention systems engineer Joe Holdsworth, who has just got all of the car's electrical systems and hydraulics working for the first time, powered by the Typhoon's AMAD (aircraft-mounted accessories drive) gearbox.

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"We respect democratic decisions. We always do. But you can see from previous decisions we have been taking in similar cases that we are always safeguarding the interests of the athletes," IOC President Thomas Bach told Reuters.

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Timothy Ray Jones Jr., 32, led investigators to the site where the bodies of the children were found, off a two-lane highway near Camden, Alabama, said Alabama Department of Public Safety spokesman Sgt. Steve Jarrett.

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B&Q owner Kingfisher says its chief executive Sir Ian Cheshire will be succeeded by Véronique Laury, chief executive of its French business Castorama. First half profit edged lower 6.5% to 375m.

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From that point forward, Wright never looked like himself. His power completely vanished, leading to a dismal .374 slugging percentage. He finishes the year with a .269 batting average, a .324 on-base percentage and just eight home runs in 586 plate appearances. His last homer came on July 11, and he put up seven extra-base hits total after the All-Star break.

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"The solution is not to tell women to stop being sexual beings. We are not asking to be harassed, abused, talked down to, or violated no matter what we are wearing," the project's mission statement reads. "Being a sexualized woman does not strip us of our humanity. The problem isn't sexualization. The problem is the DEGRADATION that comes along with women expressing it."

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Destiny is not any old computer game, it is being touted as the world's most expensive, with a massive development budget. More on that later, plus the latest results from newly merged Dixons Carphone. Stay with the Business live page.

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