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The health of the children, like Alana, born from cytoplasmic transfer is under scrutiny now because of the UK's decision to consider legalising mitochondrial replacement, where the mitochondria of a donor woman will be used to create a child.

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Grzegorz Schetyna was sidelined by Tusk after makingprevious challenges for leadership of the Civic Platform party.He said with Tusk now leaving the scene it was time for him totry again to win election as party leader.

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A year ago King Abdullah appointed 30 women to the 150-member Shoura Council. Last year, the world's top oil exporter officially lifted a ban on sports in private girls' schools - a groundbreaking rule for a state where women are banned from driving and need formal permission from male relatives to leave the country, start a job or open a bank account.

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"In 2013, the grant was further cut in the middle of the year which meant that we had to go back and revise the already depleted budget. As a consequence of the cuts, management and staff have been on frozen salaries since 2008 plus salary cuts ranging from 5-20%.

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As navigation techniques improved in the 15th Century and Portuguese and Spanish ships began to slowly penetrate the mysterious waters so far away to the West they were considered to be in the East, it became clear that there were no monsters. Indeed, what they did find was not so far removed from the lush landscape described in Genesis - trees and flowers, running streams and balmy air. Christopher Columbus and many who followed him remarked on the natural beauty of the islands.

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B&Q owner Kingfisher says its chief executive Sir Ian Cheshire will be succeeded by Véronique Laury, chief executive of its French business Castorama. First half profit edged lower 6.5% to 375m.

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Rachel Ogilvy, an actress from Glasgow, told a story about realising she might have had breast cancer. Though she was careful to build in moments of wry observation, it was one of the evening's more serious tales.

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“The President is the father of two daughters.And like any American, he believes that domestic violence is contemptible and unacceptable in a civilized society," White House spokesman Josh Earnest said in a statement.

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