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Shares of the company closed just a tad higher after having risen almost 5 percent before executives trotted out the watch. The stock tends to rise in the run-up to a major product launch, and come under selling pressure afterward as investors cash out.

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However, the pro-union "Better Together" campaign said that Mr Carney's comments "blew a hole in Alex Salmond's assertions that a separate Scotland could sign up to a currency union with the rest of the UK and still keep control over tax, spending and borrowing."

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Tasdelen and Oran later lodged a criminal complaint against Erdogan, Davutoglu and Omer Onhon, the undersecretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, alleging criminal negligence prior to the IS raid on the Mosul consulate.

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SYDNEY - London nickel slipped from near two-month highs onTuesday as the dollar rose, sparking profit-taking acrossmetals, but gains were underpinned by prospects of an ore exportban from the Philippines.

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Chinese Dairy Beingmate was among the biggestgainers, jumping by its 10 percent daily limit after traderesumed for the first time following a tie-up with New Zealanddairy Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd announced inlate August.

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Now the people who place their lives on the line for their countries are able to receive speedy and effective medical care without having to fly for miles or risk further danger. The solution places vital diagnostic tools that can normally only be found in hospitals or fixed facilities into the hands of the medical staff in the battle zones. This innovation won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2013 and continues to save lives today.

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Tanaka feels ready to pitch in a game now, though he will have to build his pitch count higher before he’s able to return to big-league action. He didn’t seem concerned about how he would wake up on Wednesday, showing little fear that the general arm soreness would return.

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"It's almost like Clapham Junction, like it's showing an intersection. I'm speculating, but it does make you wonder whether it has something to do with mapping, or saying: 'This is where you are'."

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Declining issues were outnumbering advancing ones on theNYSE by 2,338 to 698, for a 3.35-to-1 ratio on the downside; onthe Nasdaq, 2,046 issues were falling and 637 advancing for a3.21-to-1 ratio favoring decliners.

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Before sunrise the next day, the two hid behind a grease pit in the back of the restaurant. Poyser and Baysinger arrived and entered the restaurant. Ringo followed them and shot Poyser, 45, killing him instantly.

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** Standard Chartered Private Equity, the private equity armof Standard Chartered Plc, said it had spent $35million to buy a minority stake in Jordanian poultry producer AlJazeera Agricultural Co, its first investment in Jordan.

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