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Last month, Bieber pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of careless driving and resisting arrest seven months after his arrest in Miami Beach for what police initially alleged was an illegal street drag race. In a plea bargain, he agreed to an anger management course, a $500 fine and a $50,000 charitable contribution.

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Directors and officers of Cayden, who own around 19.8percent of its shares, support the transaction, the two minerssaid in a statement. (1 US dollar = 1.0972 Canadian dollar) (Reporting by Nicole Mordant in Vancouver; Editing by DavidGregorio)

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** South Korea's third-largest movie theatre chain MegaboxInc is being sold in an auction, sell-side advisor NomuraHoldings said on Wednesday, in a deal estimated by media to beworth about $580.13 million.

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"Moreover, the precise timing of the first rate rise is less important than our expectation that, when rates do begin to rise, those increases are likely to be gradual and limited. Rates will go up only as far and as fast as is consistent with price stability as part of a durable expansion, with the maximum sustainable level of employment."

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"Many Penn State football players demonstrated loyalty by remaining at their university for two years without the prospect of playing in a postseason game," Mitchell wrote. "In light of Penn State's responsiveness to its obligations and the many improvements it has instituted, I believe these student-athletes should have the opportunity to play in the post-season should they earn it on the field this year."

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The EU has always been divided over sanctions on Russia,with countries such as Poland and the Baltics taking a hard linewhile the prime ministers of Hungary and Slovakia have beenpublicly hostile to sanctions.

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Instead, they were greeted Tuesday night with anger, outrage and warnings of voter retribution at the ballot box. Proposals to overhaul the municipal courts and create a citizen police review board were greeted warily.

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"Shareholders are so accustomed to ABF upgrading profitforecasts that today's strong trading update without a materialupgrade to estimates may mean some profit taking after a neardoubling of the share price over the past year." Neil Shah,analyst at Edison Investment, said. (Additional reporting by Atul Prakash; Editing by LouiseIreland)

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Dr Sanjay Gupta, from the department of paediatrics at Good Hope Hospital, told the BBC: "Everywhere you go there's e-cigs and vapour bars, more and more children are coming into contact with small bottles full of concentrated liquid nicotine.

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Manufacturers included NFC chips in about 300 million smartphones last year, equivalent to around a third of all smartphones shipped. The number of NFC-enabled phones this year is expected to keep growing and reach around 550 million devices, helped by Apple's devices and an expanding number of Android gadgets, Gartner analyst Mark Hung estimates.

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It was all supposed to be so different for the Giants in 2014, from the new-look offense to the revamped defense to the new leaders in the locker room. And it was all supposed to be on display on Monday Night Football against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field.

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Would Cameron fall on his sword after a Yes vote? “I think his instinct would be to carry on and steady the ship,” said a long-standing friend. “What could save him is that the general election is not far off. But if things got really awful, and there was economic turmoil, then it might be different.”

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"They cannot be too jerky in their reactions," said SamuelCiszuk, analyst at the Swedish energy agency. "The responsiblething would be to sit tight for a while and hope they don't seefurther weakness."

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"Previous studies have suggested that microbes found in rural settings can protect from asthma," says Tischer, referring to studies conducted using data from participants from rural areas. "An animal skin might also be a reservoir for various kinds of microbes, following similar mechanisms as has been observed in rural environments."

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