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This shows that US President Barack Obama will be addressing an audience more supportive of a military intervention than at any previous point of his presidency when he unveils his plan to combat the Islamic State, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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The main website,, houses a number of offshoot sites including Big Hollywood and Big Journalism. The website played a key role in breaking the scandal over former Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner sharing sexually explicit photos on Twitter.

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Rocket has only released limited financial details so far.Its top 10 e-commerce ventures - including fashion sites Lamodain Russia and Dafiti in Brazil, plus online furniture storesHome24 and Westwing - together made sales of 743 million eurosin 2013 and had an operating loss of 431.6 million, according tofigures from Kinnevik.

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The father of five South Carolina children whose bodies were recovered in Alabama Tuesday confessed to dumping the corpses in garbage bags off a rural highway after his arrest for possession of controlled substances, authorities said.

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Poroshenko also told a televised meeting of the government that a ceasefire between government forces and the rebels in eastern Ukraine was proving difficult to maintain because "the terrorists are trying all the time to provoke" Kiev's troops.

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"The guy has five Olympics medals so it would have to be someone pretty special to come along and take the helm from him," Macbeth joked. "I don't know. Ben and I will discuss it and we will be doing what's right for the team."

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During his speech Lavrov made pointed comments about the origins of Islamic State and the support given to Muslim extremists, condemning what he called the West’s “double standards”.

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Boxing's No 1 pound-for-pound prizefighter has faced a tumultuous fortnight ahead of Saturday night's clash. Firstly Rapper 50 Cent mocked the boxer's reading ability to his 7.5 million twitter followers and 24 hours ago it was announced that Mayweather, reputed to be the richest boxer in the sport, is being sued by his former partner, Shantel Jackson, on allegations of assault and battery.

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The U.S. has been pressing Abdullah and Ghani Ahmadzai to form a national unity government. The two sides have not been able to agree on what powers the newly created position of chief executive would have.

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One reason is that Netanyahu knows that President Barack Obama has bigger fish to fry right now. Washington has to contend with escalating tensions with Russia over Ukraine, confronting the Islamic State without entangling the United States in Iraq again, as well as carrying through on its determination to reach a historic rapprochement with Iran.

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Manning, coming off a 27-interception campaign and a dreadful preseason, started the third quarter by firing a quick third-and-8 pass to Donnell, who didn’t even turned around, leaving linebacker DeAndre Levy to make a diving, juggling interception and set up a Lions field goal.

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"Once again the picture in Birmingham is particularly strong for candidates seeking opportunities in the manufacturing and industrial sectors with skilled roles particularly in demand. Across the rest of the region we are noticing a particular demand for individuals with accountancy skills, while experience in sales is also highly sought. This is leading to a candidate-driven market where job seekers are able to be far more selective in the interviews they attend and jobs they accept," she added.

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Topping the range for now is the XE S, featuring a supercharged three-litre V6 that pushes 250kW and 450Nm and, according to claims, sprints from 0-100km/h in 4.9 seconds. At the very other end of the scale, Jaguar will be offering a 120kW/380Nm two-litre turbodiesel that forms part of the new ‘Ingenium’ engine family and emits just 99g/km of CO2 on the combined cycle.

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