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He pointed out that obesity already costs the State billions of euro every year and the consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks ‘is a major driver of childhood weight'. He called for a ban on the marketing of these, and similar products, to children.

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Rincon, 43, who was sentenced in 1995 to 158 years to life, says he was not a bad boy of the Red Top gang, a group dubbed the “Wild Cowboys” that terrorized Beekman Ave. in the Bronx in the 1980s and 1990s while raking in $16 million a year.

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"Policymakers need to be aware that early use of cannabis isassociated with a range of negative outcomes for young adultsthat affect their health, wellbeing, and also theirachievements," said Edmund Silins, also of the National Drug andAlcohol Research Centre, who presented the findings in a mediateleconference.

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And, as he set out in an essay last year, he intends to invest time and money in tackling pollution: "Our water has become undrinkable, our food inedible, our milk poisonous and worst of all, the air in our cities is so polluted that we often cannot see the sun”People have big dreams for the future, but these dreams will be hollow if we cannot see the sun."

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But those looking for proportional discipline in football will still be confused by some of the suspensions currently on the books, where penalties range widely and sometimes mysteriously for offences that include everything from drug offenses to dog fighting to spying on opponents’ practices.

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The use of midazolam is under scrutiny nationwide after inmates in a series of botched executions in Ohio, Oklahoma and Arizona were given the drug and took longer than is typical to die, showing signs of distress.

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Producer Anthony Geffen said the series would be "capturing the Reef using super-high speed cameras, new macro lenses, time-lapse and many other techniques to reveal and visualise the Reef in completely new ways".

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The suspect fled the scene, leading to a major police search before being apprehended aboard a train just before five o'clock this afternoon. The boy - described as being five foot three, with spectacles and short, spiky hair - was on a train travelling from Hereford to Malvern. A 16-year-old former Chase College student, Leah Johnson, said when the train stopped at Ledbury an officer was waiting for the boy.

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In 2002, millions of middle class Argentines were thrown into poverty when the government defaulted on about $100 billion in bonds. In 2005 and 2010, more than 93 percent of the debt was restructured, giving holders less than 30 cents on the dollar.

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An American doctor infected with Ebola in Sierra Leone arrived at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, the fourth patient with the virus to be taken to the United States from West Africa for treatment, the hospital said.

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The star power of British actor Benedict Cumberbatch and his new film "The Imitation Game" could bring Turing's triumph and tragedy to a broad audience beyond Britain, where Queen Elizabeth recently pardoned the man who inspired the modern computer with his "Turing machine."

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