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Hammond: Gov. Cuomo’s legendary political instincts have been failing him lately — especially when it comes to justifying his decision not to debate Zephyr Teachout, his upstart challenger in Tuesday’s primary.

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“Lifelong friends I would say. Some of these folks have been to my house,” he says. “Because I want them to come and see how it is with me and enjoy my family too we have annual barbecues and have a bunch of people come out.”

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U.S. officials are expected to press Saudi leaders for funds to help arm Sunni fighters who can take on Islamic State, possibly including channeling much-needed money to the moderate Syrian rebels, said several former U.S. government officials who retain close ties to the government.

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Support among women voters has increased markedly in the last month as Alex Salmond stepped up his claims that separation, derided as scaremongering, is the only way to protect the Scottish NHS for the supposed privatisation of the English health service.

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The One Vanderbilt proposal includes a towering glass atrium containing a wall of lush vegetation, new staircases to the station's difficult-to-find subway platforms, an expanded and refurbished mezzanine level, a new waiting room for commuters, and a connection to the long-delayed Long Island Rail Road’s East Side terminus.

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Lela Rose created modern versions of vintage kimonos with 3-D embellishments and voluminous back panels. Blouses were decorated with miniature trains, and dresses had wrapped bodices accented with elegant cutouts. Graphic black-and-white skirts and dresses got the oversized polka-dot treatment, while the kimono itself reemerged as a black, shrunken knit shell, an inky blue floral coat dress and a textured jacquard jacket in brilliant cerulean.

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“At the current time we are watching the legal developments regarding sports betting,” said Christopher McErlean, vice president for racing at Penn National Gaming Inc., a co-owner of Freehold Raceway. “We expect this will take some time to work its way through the legal channels. We are certainly interested in the potential opportunity it presents and we will be monitoring closely.”

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"The company needs to maintain its production levels,because Rosneft is a major source of tax revenue," Medvedev toldVedomosti business daily on Monday. "As such, we should help itmaintain its level of investment".

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That second agreement also remains in peril. The two candidates met face-to-face on Monday, but Abdullah said the talks are deadlocked over how powerful to make a newly created position of government chief executive.

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PARIS, Sept 9 (Reuters) - Credit ratings agency Standard &Poor's has put French nuclear power engineering group Areva on"creditwatch negative" and will decide within 30 days whether todowngrade its credit ratings by one notch into non-investmentgrade territory.

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The retailer said on its website that banks and law enforcement warned of unusual activity related to its payment systems on Sept. 2, prompting it to hire security experts who confirmed it had been breached.

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