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The attack comes as Chile prepares to mark the 41st anniversary of the 1973 coup that removed the socialist president Salvador Allende. The event still divideds the country and its commemoration is traditionally a time of protests.

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Conspiracy theorists cannot bear life's messy reality, says Aaronovitch. "It's the fear of chaos." It's easier to believe in huge cover-ups than to accept no-one really knows what happened to MH370. Most people in the developed world fly and it's alarming to admit you don't know what happened to the plane.

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Brent crude oil LCOc1 eased another 24 cents to $99.96 per barrel, after slumping as far as $99.36 overnight, the lowest since May 2013. U.S. crude CLc1 managed a modest bounce of 25 cents to $92.91. [O/R]

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The donation is unrestricted, and will support efforts including increased financial aid for students, loan forgiveness for graduates who work in underserved areas, new classrooms and seed money for pathbreaking research too novel to win support from other funders.

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Frédéric Borderie, who owns two small French estates, Chteau Les Combes and Chteau Vieille Dynastie, said his vines are about 30 to 40 years old. But weather conditions and the soil make the difference in quality.

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"Compared with placebo, benralizumab did not reduce the rate of acute exacerbations of COPD," the authors write. "However, the results of prespecified subgroup analysis support further investigation of benralizumab in patients with COPD and eosinophilia."

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Espinal, who’s been silent on the question for months, is set to announce his position Wednesday — alongside an official from the Teamsters local representing the hundreds of drivers who make a living in this honorable line of work.

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Rosneft calls itself the leader of the Russian petroleum industry. That makes it a very important player in the European Union's energy market. About 90% of the crude oil used in the EU is imported and Russia is, by a large margin, the biggest supplier.

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China currently caps the deposit rates that banks pay,partly to protect lenders' margins. But the rule has beencriticised by some as distorting the cost of credit by holdingdown deposit rates and encouraging wasteful investment.

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Rocket says it can launch a company within 100 days bydrawing on expertise in areas like finance, communications,marketing and business intelligence at its Berlin head office,helping it start an average of three to six new firms a year.

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The improvements were most noticeable when Stafford rolled away from pressure in the pocket and lofted the ball out of bounds if he could not find a receiver. In the past, far too often, he has taken dangerous shots in those situations that frequently resulted in turnovers. The lone play that could be chalked up as being too risky actually resulted in a touchdown: Stafford, falling away from the line in the face of pressure, found Calvin Johnson behind two defenders in the back of the end zone.

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Leader of the Better Together campaign Alistair Darling told BBC Scotland's Good Morning Scotland programme: "It is not surprising the leader of the opposition, the prime minister, the deputy prime minister are up campaigning. They have actually been up before and they will be up again because this is the biggest single decision that we in Scotland will take in our lifetime."

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