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While governments and organisations across the world arescrambling cash and supplies to the region, the WHO said its aidpartners must scale up efforts by three- to fourfold to battlethe epidemic.

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Mr Pistorius said he went back to the bedroom after shooting at the toilet door, still shouting for Reeva. Lifting himself up onto the bed, he felt over to the right hand side of it and noticed Ms Steenkamp was not there.

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In January another senior Ahrar al-Sham leader, Abu Khaled al-Soury, was killed in a suicide attack. Soury had fought alongside al Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden and was close to its current chief Ayman al-Zawahri.

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The poll, conducted between Sept. 2-5, surveyed 1,084 Scottish adults. Scots, aged 16 and older, will head to the polls on Sept. 18, and vote on the question “Should Scotland be an independent country?”

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"There are various channels under which our monetary policy affects prices, including a narrowing of the output gap," he said, stressing that a tightening job market will lead to higher wages and help the BOJ achieve its inflation goal.

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"I'm particularly sorry that any of my past actions or decisions have brought distraction to the mission of Mars Hill Church, and therefore, to those who call this their church home," Driscoll wrote. "Part of this is no doubt a function of the media age we live in — anyone can write anything, anywhere, anytime. As a public figure, I recognize and accept this, even if I don't like it; for this is one of the paradoxes of being a pastor in a media age — the same media channels that can be used to carry a sermon to virtually anyone around the globe can also be used by anyone around the globe to criticize, attack or slander."

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"If you're taking portraits, you want very shallow depth of field, so only the subject is in focus," says Dr Sporea. So in that situation, he recommends choosing a large aperture (counter-intuitively represented in camera settings by a smaller number, because the value is the denominator of a fraction).

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With the future of the franchise riding on young arms, Sandy Alderson has made it clear just how precious they are to the Mets. The general manager said Monday that, while he feels Terry Collins has done a “very good job,” he has talked with the Mets manager to reiterate how careful the franchise wants to be with young pitchers like Jacob deGrom and Zack Wheeler.

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The Arab League pledged on Sunday to take steps to defeat the Islamic State, although it did not officially agree to back U.S. action against the terrorist organization. Arab League Chief Nabil Elaraby”asked the 22-member body to set aside regional infighting for possible military action against the Islamic State.

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Tarullo said U.S. regulators would set surcharges in the higher end of the range. International regulators have not imposed the top charge on any bank so far, keeping the capital surcharges between 1 and 2.5 percent.

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The way Pay works is simple, and builds on Apple’s Passbook, introduced in 2012. Payment “passes” are added to Passbook by credit card issuers and banks; then, one simply selects an account on that network.

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Bond prices fell. The yield on the 10-year US Treasury rose to 2.47 percent from 2.46 percent on Friday, while the 30-year increased to 3.22 percent from 3.19 percent. Bond prices and yields move inversely.

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A helicopter pilot died because the AgustaWestland AW109E he was flying hit a crane on a building under construction beside the river Thames in London while it was partially obscured by cloud, according to the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch.

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Conwy proper pivots on its like-named castle, which dates from 1283. The English built it to control the Welsh, and any guided trip through comes complete with hideous tales of local leaders being poisoned, gored or imprisoned until they starved to death. The tidy town also boasts a perfect tourist photo op in front of what bills itself as “The Smallest House in Britain.” It’s 6 feet wide, 12 feet high and 10 feet deep - dimensions that night still strike New Yorkers as sprawling.

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