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Treasure your unique Greek experience with personalized pendant necklaces. The pendants are hand-stamped with your choice of lettering and symbols, and then embellished with Swarovski Crystals or pearls.Customize a pendant necklace with your name, monogram, Greek Letters, or a significant date!Our necklaces make perfect personalized gifts for Bid Day, Initiation, Birthdays and Graduation. Give your Big Sis or Lil’ Sis a customized necklace and never forget the memories.
We’ve received requests for our necklaces from High School & Middle School students as well as Brides, Moms & others.  So we have added new designs to fit all these requests with our Non-Greek Pendant and Design Your Own Pendant categories.  Tell all your loved ones just how much you care with a customized pendant necklace from Greek With Envy!
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